Using MS Excel file for Project Schedule

Signup / Login

Open home page. If you are going to perform the admin activities for chekdit, sign up as admin. 

Invite Users

Invite users to sign up with chekdit. Fill the email of the users and their respective departments.

The content what you fill in the department should reflect the same as the department in the schedule

Invite up to 5 users at once

Invite as many users you want by clicking + sign. You can invite up to 5 users at once. For more than 5 users repeat the invite process.

Make sure the invited users are signed up before starting the project

Prepare the project schedule in the recommended format. The MS Excel template can be downloaded by clicking up load project and then template for.xls button.

Checklist code

If your task involves a checklist, the corresponding code can be found here.

Filling the checklist code

If the task involves any checklist, fill the related code in the space provided in the code column. (Example- CKL0006)

If the task doesn’t involve any checklist, just write as `TASK’

The unique feature of chekdit is, you can create a task for a duration of as low as 20 minutes.

Filling the department field

You can either fill the name of the concerned department or the user’s name in the department column

Please do not change the format or styles of the downloaded Excel template

Uploading the Schedule

Click upload project on the left panel. Fill the project name and project number as you like, choose file and upload the project schedule.

Check all the details for correctness and then click validate and upload the project.

Start the project

Make sure all the invitees are signed up before starting the project.

Click projects from the left panel and select the newly uploaded file from the drop-down menu and start the project by clicking the play button.

Reschedule your Project

If you are running late on the ongoing project, you can always revise the schedule and upload the revised schedule by clicking the reschedule button. The project will start from the current date.

Email Notifications

Once the project started, the respective users receive a one-time email with consolidated data of tasks assigned to them with details. Also, the user receives an email reminder notification for every task just before the start.

User Portal

Now comes to the user- The user has to log in and view all the tasks assigned to him/her. If that particular task involves a checklist, the checklist will appear. The user can see the timer which will let them know how much time they have remaining to complete that particular task.

Write Notes

If the user faces any issues at the workplace and wants to communicate with the team, the user can write a note by clicking the write notes button.

View Notes

The notes can be viewed in realtime across all users by clicking analytics and clicking the number count. The notes are displayed with a timestamp. The action can be taken immediately to solve any issues mentioned.

Task Completion

Once the assigned task is followed and executed with the help of a checklist, the user has to click submit.

Email Reminders at 50% and 90% duration

The user receives email notifications at 50% and 90% of the task duration as a reminder to complete the task.

No Action Taken

The admin and user receive the email notifications if the task is not completed beyond the scheduled time.

Delayed Completion

The admin and user receive the email notifications if the task is completed beyond the scheduled time.

Infographic Report

The admin can view the project progress by clicking the infographic reports on the left side panel.

Progress Report

The admin can view the progress report by selecting any particular project by clicking reports on the left side panel. The reports can be generated and downloaded as a pdf file.

Delete a Project

If you no longer want to see the completed projects on your dashboard, you can delete any selected project by clicking x button.

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