Construction Management App for Quality, Efficiency and            On-time Delivery


  • No more delays

  • Avoid reworks

  • No more skilled workers shortage

  • Save money on operation cost

  • Solve site issues from anywhere

  • View project progress in real time

  • Avoid chasing your team and vendors

  • Store updated drawings

  • Manage multiple projects

  • Unlimited number of users

  • Say bye to WhatsApp group

  • Generate report at anytime

Automate your construction process in simple steps

Prepare your project schedule
Upload it into Chekdit
Assign Users for the respective Department
Start the Project
Get Notification on each stage of the project
Complete the task as per checklist

Why Chekdit

Helps Complete your projects on time

Our application works as a follow-up manager and keeps sending alerts to complete the task as per the timelines provided in the uploaded project schedule until the job is complete. By which you can improve on the turnaround time

Helps Save your operation cost

You can get beforehand information about the material, human resources and tools requirement and methodology to perform any task through the checklist. Thus you can carry out any work with minimum experienced staff. By which you can avoid direct and indirect losses and your profit increase significantly.

Minimum management of your team

Respective stakeholders receive push notification until the tasks are accomplished as per schedule. Hence our application takes care of the team management.

Helps in Seamless Co-ordination!

Everyone in the team is aware of the current status of the project, and our application works as a collaboration tool and brings all people together to work in a coordinated manner. Also, It connects the internal and external stakeholders and getting them working together

It helps you to raise a flag in real-time!

When you are not able to perform any task, and the reasons are out of your hand, write a note. Your team will know the problem in real-time. Hence you don’t have to wait until the next meeting to raise the flag.


Chekdit is a cloud-based super simple to use construction management app that focuses on improving the bottom line of site-level problems associated with productivity, quality, efficiency, project delays and skilled worker shortage.

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